The Land Between, by Jeff Mansion

I wasn’t going to post this one, as not likely many people will come across it, and because I was not favorably impressed with it. But as I took the notes, and ultimately this is my opinion of the book, here is my takeaway from it. What follows are my notes taken during the reading.

Chapter 1
The Wilderness time was because of sin, and thus absolutely not necessary.
The Bible does not say the desert was to form them as a people.
They were the people of God. They were not transformed into it.

Chapter 4
This pastor has given no vision of who this church is and thus they are disillusioned, as is he. There is no leadership, no trust in God.

Chapter 5
Yes, we can definitely all honest questions of God, and we must, but once mature, the believer doesn’t need to. There are mostly the questions of the immature. Yes, they can happen. But by and large maturity removes this.

The final page sound mostly like an emotional exercise.

Chapter 7
“Pulled beyond our resources”. It’s important to note that God does not pull us beyond our resources and if this has happened it’s not from God but because we have lost our way.
*God will have a heart to provide for us”. How human-centered. God does provide for us His creatures. Something is seriously amiss.

Chapter 8
A better start. Makes me think that a person would be better off reading a biography of George Muller than this book.

Chapter 11
Nowhere does the Bible say that the purpose of the desert is to form a relationship of trust. God does not work that way.