God of the Big Bang, by Leslie Wickman

God of the Big Bang by Leslie Wickman, PhD.

From the cover, GotBB purports to address the question of the compatibility of Faith and Science. Nine chapters of widely spaced text, the book is an easy read.

All of the material is current state of the discussion and very good quality. The problem is that she covers altogether too much material and doesn’t do justice to any of it. As a handy reference for someone wishing to dialogue with a person who does not yet understand the position it could serve well. By referring to the book you can be sure that you covered every topic. Unfortunately in the book itself no topic is dealt with in sufficient detail to make the case for anything. Points are made. Supporting materials are referenced. But that’s as far as it goes. Chapter topics include the existence of God, the scientific method, logic, the Bible, creation, fine-tuning of the universe, and others, so it should be obvious that no topic can be dealt with in anything other than a cursory glance.

If you are looking for a list of the topics that need to be addressed and the points you need to make on these topics, GotBB is a good and quick read. If you are looking for understanding of any of these topics and how to address them to someone who does not yet understand, you will need to look elsewhere.

3 stars, with shortcomings noted.