Why God Won’t Go Away – Alister McGrath

A book that seemed easy to write as the new atheists provide so much material from which to choose to show their biased, but non-rigorous position.

Deals with their inability to find a moral basis
Deals with blind faith
Debunks a lot of urban myths about religion
Heavily footnoted

It may not be needed as New Atheism seems to be doing this on its own, having failed to deliver the knockout blow to theism.

Recommended to anyone wishing to become conversant with new atheism and strengthen (not create) their response to those who hold such views.

Fool’s Talk by Os Guinness

In what he considers to be his magnum opus, Guinness makes the case for re-thinking the way we approach evangelism and more broadly how we engage our non-Christian world. He supplies a fresh perspective on a wide range of topics relative to Christian persuasion in a thought-provoking, yet highly readable fashion. I think it’s one of the best things he’s written. Highly recommended.

Supernatural, by Michael Heiser

The popular-level version of The Unseen Realm by Michael Heiser, which I reviewed early. Much shorter, less footnoting, simpler reading, more straightforward, but covers pretty much all the same material about the supernatural world from a Christian perspective. Answers a lot of questions about passages that were hard to fit in and raises a lot of questions about what is really going on in that realm. As this book is easier to take it or leave it and is designed for the broader audience, I recommend it for anyone interested in understand the supernatural realm without getting into speculative nonsense. Good book, good read, thought-provoking.

Unseen Realm, by Michael Heiser

An explanation of the supernatural realm using mostly the text of Scripture. Not recommended for the easily convinced as it makes a compelling case on material that is not (yet) widely supported. Sometimes strains the intent of the Biblical text. Borders on eisegesis at times. But overall presents a plausible and basically satisfying understanding of the supernatural side of reality.